Work-in-Progress Blog Challenge

or a sneak-peek into what I'm currently working on!

What a fun game! Thank you Summerita for nominating me!

Here are the rules:

  1. Provide a link back to the post of the person who nominated you

  2. Write a little about your Work-in-Progress

  3. Share the first few sentences of the first three chapters of your current Work-in-Progress

  4. Nominate four other writers for the challenge

Inspired by Summerita, I am also genre-hopping - from Romance (Scorched by His Fire and The Cure was Love) to Middle-grade fiction – here's a look at the The Mystical Amitree!

First chapter : 

Arjun pumped the pedals harder and harder. The bicycle shuddered with the effort, but bravely responded by speeding up. The boy’s heart hammered wildly, and his eyes watered in the breeze, but he kept pedaling. A hundred thoughts tumbled through his head as he struggled to make sense of what had happened.

Second chapter:

Before they knew it the day was over, and they were running out of hope. Nobody felt like going to bed that night. But Tinu decided to pull herself together. 'We must all get some rest,' she said firmly, pointing each one towards his or her room. 'Let's sleep on it.'

Third chapter:

The huge jet flew across the overcast sky, slicing through the clouds like a knife through chocolate icing. Jagged streaks of lightening lit the sky now and then, giving Arjun another cause for worry. His first trip out of the country and his plane was about to be torn apart by a bolt of lightening!

I hope you enjoyed the sneak-peek. Do leave a comment for me.

Will the following four awesome writers please take part?

Prachi Percy Sharma

Priyanka Menon

Swati Sharma

Tanu Jain

I look forward to your posts, folks!

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