Welcome to my space, Shilpa Suraj!

Thank you for agreeing to talk to me.

I really lap up what you write – I adore your humor and the plot twists!

Let's talk about “Rescued by Love”, your second romance from Mills and Boon.

  • How did that idea come about, an action thriller romance? Was it a difficult trope to write? I must say you handled it beautifully.

The initial idea was more to do with doomed star crossed lovers than an action thriller romance. For me it was a story of two people who were insanely in love with each other but external factors completely out of their control keep them apart.

  • I know you are writing away merrily. Care to tell us about your plans? Will you go the traditional route with the next one or are you game to go inde?

I’m in the middle of writing a romantic thriller and I have to say walking the tightrope between writing and plotting a murder mystery while giving the couple time and space to fall in love has been quite the challenge. I’m almost done with the first draft though so yay!!

I am a traditional girl at heart and haven’t yet considered going Indie but never say never. Who knows what the future holds?

  • Tell us something about the hero of “Rescued by Love”? Why do you think readers will adore him? Will they?

Arjun, from the moment he strolled into my imagination stood for honour, integrity and duty. In a world of shifting values and lax morals, he unyieldingly stands for what is right and to be honest that was what made my heart beat a little faster. Is there anything more sinfully attractive than a good guy with a heart of gold who tempts you to think wicked thoughts?

  • Do you look for images to inspire you when you are creating characters? Care to share some of those images here?

To be totally honest, no. I’ve never derived inspiration from images. My characters and stories all come from my imagination. Now if I could only find an Arjun or Ryan in real life, I think I’d keep them hidden away from the rest of the world.

  • I love the way you handle conflict and sensual undercurrents between the protagonists. How do you manage that? How hard is it to write about the physical relationship?

I find it easier to write emotion than the physical aspect of it. I spend quite a bit of time going ‘Hmm, so if his left hand is on her waist then his other hand would be where?’ Writing sexy without writing vulgar is a skill and one that doesn’t come easy.

  • What is your favorite genre to read? How has it influenced what you yourself write?

Romance, romance and more romance. All sub genres in it too. Historical, contemporary, paranormal, romantic thrillers. As long as the story has a strong romance with powerful protagonists at the core of it, I’ll be happy to read it.

No matter what story I want to tell there is always a strong romance at its core and I think that might be influenced by my reading preferences.

  • Has any real-life event, personal or public, ever begged to be written into one of your stories? Could you share it with us, please?

I’ve never shared this before on a public forum but I will just for you.  My husband and I met under rather unusual circumstances. His brother and I were best friends since college. Close to ten years, in fact. I knew his parents well and spent a good part of those ten years in and out of their home. Yet my husband and I never met for some strange reason. He was always away at work or not home for a variety of reasons when I went over.

He claims we met once when I went to pick up his brother for a party we were going to and according to him, I was very snooty and ignored him when he said hello. I have absolutely no recollection of this meeting and don’t believe it ever happened. I strongly recommend you don’t believe him either!

We finally came face to face at my friend, his brother’s wedding, in Kathmandu, Nepal. We were dating a week later and engaged in less than six months. I have to say neither of our families saw it coming! You know those cartoons when they get bonked on their heads and little tweety birds fly around them? That’s exactly what everyone looked like when we told them we were dating.

I doubt I will ever write it into a novel though. It’s my story and one I prefer keeping private.

  • Of all the attributes of a well written story, which is the one that pleases you the most?

Strong protagonists and a conflict, whether internal or external, that is both believable and realistic. There is nothing like being so invested in the characters that you’re rooting for them to get their happy ever after.

  • What one or two things absolutely irritate you in a book, and would most certainly make you put the book down immediately?

A hero or heroine who is a wimp or one that is indecisive. I can’t stand it when they spend more than 80% of the book waffling over their decisions.

  • When do you write? What is your writing space like? What do you use, pencil/pen and paper, or a gadget?

I write mostly in the middle of the night which is when my muse decides to wake up. I don’t have a specific writing space in the house so you’ll probably find me sprawled across the bed or taking up most of the space at the dining table. I also have a recliner in my bedroom that I sometimes take up permanent residence in when I’m writing.

I write on my laptop but I do have a diary in which I jot down ideas as they occur to me especially if they pop into my head at times that aren’t conducive to writing. Like while I’m at work or cooking or in the car or walking the dog. Pretty much anywhere that isn’t glued to my laptop.

  • Your advice to starting authors - one thing they MUST do and one that they should NEVER.

One thing they MUST do – Always tell the story you want to tell. The one that is running in an endless loop in your head and you can’t wait to share with the world.

One thing they should NEVER do – Don’t give up when the going gets tough. It isn’t an easy road but there is nothing to top the feeling of seeing your book in the stands.

Well! That was the fabulous, fascinating Shilpa Suraj for you - candid as can be about her life and her writing. Here's where you can catch up with her: