Book Review
The Princess of a Whore House
Author: Mayank Sharma

The cover of this book is quite beautiful and perfect for a topic such as the one implied by the title. The women look trapped .... and so lovely and innocent .... the subject of forced prostitution must have been a difficult one to write.

The author has written a fairy tale where the daughter of a prostitute ends up getting the life she deserves - she gets a childhood and she gets a father. I suspect it doesn't often end like this in real life. I commend the author's effort to show the seamy side of life in a brothel, and then, thanks to the kindness and acceptance of people, to show how things can brighten up even when everything seems hopeless.

I found it intriguing that the story was written mainly from the perspective of the 'princess' Aparajita - she comes across as a very mature young lady and her mother's past fortunately leaves no scars on her. The book is smooth sailing in that it is a quick read - on the flip side, however, I wish there had been deeper conflict and that the resolutions had not been so easy. Nevertheless, the author offers an interesting perspective on the possible outcome of being brought up in a brothel.

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Mayank Sharma


Aparajita is a tenacious go-getter. Her name means unconquerable in Sanskrit, and she lives up to its meaning. 

Just like any other ambitious girl, she desires to fulfil her dreams and become an independent individual. Far and wide, the shadow of her melancholy past chases her passage. The fact that her widowed mother is a former sex worker irks the community. Nonetheless, she is not ashamed to reveal her mother's past. 

Will she lose hope, or will she defy an enigma that is centuries-old? Will she ever conquer the hearts of a prestige-obsessed community? 

See the world through Aparajita's prism in a tale stirred by some real life events.

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About the author

Mayank Sharma is a computer engineering graduate with post-graduation in business management. He works with a leading technology multinational in Delhi. He has authored a number of articles and white papers on software technology and processes. For the first time in April 2014, his article was featured in Better Software magazine published in Florida, USA. Writing has become Mayank's greatest passion when he observed how it can trigger the winds of change. He is gradually transforming from a “left-brained” writer to a “right-brained” writer. Besides writing, he is passionate about sketching, painting, and making sculptures since childhood.

India is the fifth-largest economy in the world with the Gross Domestic Product growth at 7.1 percent. Contrary, India ranks 118 out of 157 countries in the happiness index. The fact seized Mayank’s attention towards social problems affecting social support, freedom of choices, and generosity, to name a few. Having travelled across continents and associated with people with diverse beliefs and values, he became more curious about the social riddles curtailing liberties across societies. He penned his debut novel, The Princess of a Whorehouse, when he came across some real life incidents that quivered his soul.

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