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Hidden PassionHidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Hidden Passion" is Summerita's best to date - and one of her shortest!

Yes, I was disappointed that it ended so soon - on the one hand I wanted to hurry up and finish it because I was bursting to write the review, but when it did finish, I felt sorry to put it away.

I absolutely loved the story. Rukmini is even more fabulous than the cover of the book suggests. She is every inch a princess - an imperious beauty, and spirited as they come. She is easily a match for the King of Kings - Devesh, often besting him in arguments. Determined not to be browbeaten by her father and brothers, she gets into one scrape after another, reminding me of other feisty historical heroines brought to life by another author that I love so well - Georgette Heyer.

The language of the story teller is engaging - not a misstep anywhere! The historical aspects of the story - the era, the clothing, the behavior - all sounded just perfect. I was never very good at history in any case, but reading about ancient times in this book was fun!

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