Smile - it's Raining Men!

Hallelujah, it's raining men!

All right, all right, calm down everyone - as you can see, that is NOT happening!

Still, the way I'm smiling these days, you would think that it's true – that men are falling from the sky in torrents!

The fact of the matter is I’m smiling ever since I started blogging and writing!

  • I’m thinking of the blog I read that morning, and I'm smiling because I can’t forget the humor laced in it.

  • Some other day a racy blog, ripe with double entendres, will see me grinning from ear to ear all day.

  • Or I might be reveling in a comment I got for my latest post, something cheeky, something naughty, guaranteed to stretch my lips from sunup to sundown.

  • Finally, if my muse has been generous I may be living out my next scene. That is when I smile the most and the widest! I plot and plan and clip and crop and hum and haw, all in my mind. Smiling, always smiling!

Unfortunately, there are consequences – there are always consequences, even Newton said so!

Here’s what happens when you smile ALL the time:

  1. The hubby takes it as a sure sign that ALL his fantasies are about to come true! You love him and hate to disabuse him of the mistaken notion. But you disabuse him anyway, smiling as he puts his shirt back on!
  2. The kids think it is a good time to make that pitch for the Gameboy they’re hankering after! You love them awfully, but you know you are the only one who can teach them about the evils of consumerism. So you put your foot down... hard! You do it while you are smiling, and end up confusing them for ever!
  3. The fellow in the red Santro, who has been weaving in and out of your lane, decides to slow down and let you pass. You graciously incline your smiling face, acknowledging his chivalry - only to discover that he suddenly chooses to crawl behind you so he can follow you to where-ever you are going. You realize that he doesn’t know the difference between a ‘come hither’ smile and a smile engendered by the sheer joy of blogging! You glare at him, forgetting to switch off the smile. This results in a grotesque contortion of your facial features. The poor Romeo is permanently cured of his lust and falls several cars behind.
  4. You’ve reached the hospital by now, your smile threatening to blind one and all. Your Residents think they can pull one off on you. They cannot, but as you ruthlessly brush aside all their leave applications, and other frivolous excuses, you smile, wondering if you can generate a story or a blog out of the situation!
  5. Your patients think you are the reincarnation of Florence Nightingale. Everybody loves a smiling doctor, wouldn’t you think? Not true. Ask the patient who notices your smile as he recounts his litany of woes. He is likely to ask for a different doctor, and request a psychiatric consult for you!

Not a happy situation, smiling all the time.

What to do? What to do?

Can’t stop smiling!

Can’t stop writing!

Can’t see the house work piling up.

Can’t see the reminder from the editor to send in the chapter for the medical book.

Can’t see the kids and spouse twiddling their thumbs waiting for me to stop smiling long enough to say something articulate.

The only sure cure is for somebody to take away my laptop; or to surgically remove the centre in my brain that controls blogging-writing-addiction.

I hope NJ doesn’t read this. He knows some neurosurgeons.

Meanwhile, it’s raining men!

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