Hi Reet,

Thanks for hosting me on your blog. It’s been a while but it’s good to be back!

I can imagine how thrilled you must be – it is exciting to have a book coming out, and yours sounds so very fabulous. Congratulations! “No Safe Zone” is releasing in just a few days so let's talk about it....

Dear Adite,

Thank you for coming over to talk to me. I am a big fan of your work and loved your last book – Trouble has a New Name – it was quirky and fun!

  • How did the idea come about, to write a romantic thriller? Was it a difficult trope to write?

I have always wanted to write a good heart thumping thriller but found it daunting. That old frenemy—self-doubt—always managed to pull me back. But the other me who loves challenges kept egging me on. So, I decided to give it a shot. Getting the mix of romance and thriller elements right proved to be a bit of a challenge but I may have just pulled it off. So, yay, me! Fingers crossed that readers too will like this new story.

  • Tell us something about the hero of “No Safe Zone”? Why do you think readers will adore him? Will they?

Kabir Shorey is an Intelligence Bureau officer who has been assigned to bust a women’s trafficking ring. He is on top of his game professionally though on the personal front he has a few demons that he has not slayed yet. And one of them is his guilt for having dumped the girl he loved. Don’t you simply love those all-macho-but-a-bit-messed-up guys? 

  • Do you look for images to inspire you when you are creating characters? If not, how do you picture them? If yes, care to share some of those images here?

For Qiara, my heroine, I knew I wanted her to be like Gul Panag, the actress. Petite with that killer dimple, and smart as a whip.
I always had an image of Kabir in my head. While Pinterest did provide a lot of inspiration, I simply prefer the ones in my head! ;)

  • Adite, I enjoy the way you handle the sensual undercurrents between the protagonists. How do you manage that? How hard is it to write about the physical relationship?

Thanks, Reet, for the compliment. Initially writing a sensual scene would stress me out. I have evolved a process that seems to work and has also taken the stress away! I try to get a fix on the romantic conflict that is going on between the Hero and Heroine. And before I write the scene I have a clear idea of what’s going on inside each one’s head, the physicality of the situation and the external conflict in the scene. Then I simply write. Once it’s on the computer screen, I edit and re-edit till I am satisfied that all the elements are working before moving on to the next scene.

  • What is your favorite genre to read? How has it influenced what you yourself write?

I love reading all kinds of books. These days I’m bingeing on thrillers. I have just finished Lee Child’s first Jack Reacher book and I am looking forward to devouring the rest of the series. I have also discovered a wonderful thriller writer, Hank Phillippi Ryan. I do a lot of binge-reading especially when I discover an author whose work fascinates me. I have to read every single book he/she has written.
So, back in the day when I was obsessed with Mills & Boon romances, I would read as many as I could get my hands on. I suppose that has brought me here today…as a romance writer. And now that I have tested the waters with my first romantic thriller, I am definitely looking forward to writing more in the thriller genre.

  • Has any real-life event, personal or public, ever begged to be written into one of your stories? Could you share it with us, please?

There is one real-life event that will definitely form the basis of a story someday. During my first trip abroad (to Hungary), I was on a train going from Budapest to Venice. It was a trip that I had dreamt of doing for a long time. Once I had boarded the train and was well on the way to Venice I discovered that I had lost my wallet, with all my papers, passport, money, everything! It was the scariest moment of my life.

  • Of all the attributes of a well written story, which is the one that pleases you the most?

A well-written story is one that seamlessly flows, engages the reader without ever revealing the elements that went to it. But before it all comes together, there is so much of writing and rewriting involved—and I don’t have to tell you that, right?! But that moment when you have written a passage or a scene that you know is working well…that indescribable feeling of joy and accomplishment is perhaps the only reason why I write!

  • What one or two things absolutely irritate you in a book, and would most certainly make you put the book down immediately?

Typos and grammatical errors. Confession time: I’m a Grammar Nazi!

  • When do you write? What is your writing space like? What do you use, pencil/pen and paper, or a gadget?

I start with a notebook. Where I jot down character sketches, plot ideas, etc. Once something strikes me as interesting, I continue to pen down more thoughts. I let it stew for a while and then work out a rough outline (with the main plot points) on my laptop. Once I am all raring to go, I can write any time—day or night.

  • Your advice to starting authors - one thing they MUST do and one that they should NEVER?

Do: Read a lot—across all genres.

Don’t: Don’t be in a hurry to send off the first draft. Keep working on it till it’s the best it can be.

Reet, it was fun answering your questions. I do hope you and your readers enjoy reading “No Safe Zone”. Here is an excerpt.....Cheers!

A woman in a short dress was running full tilt at him. As if she was being chased by the devil and completely oblivious to the fact that she was on a collision course with a speeding bike.

He swerved to avoid hitting her but with cars parked all along on both sides, there wasn’t much room to manoeuvre. Grinding to a halt a hair’s breadth away from her, he let fly a vile curse.

At the very same moment, she grabbed at him, trying to save herself from hitting the asphalt. He heard his shirt rip down the front. His hand shot out and grabbed her around the waist.

She was breathing hard, her forehead slick with sweat and her eyes burnt with an intensity even her fear couldn’t diminish. The same intensity that held him in thrall all those years ago.

His breath whooshed out of him as she flung her arms around his neck to stop herself from sliding down. “Qiara!”

She struggled for breath, “H—help. Please…” She dragged her arms away from his neck—and leaned against the front of the bike for support. He pulled his helmet off.

Their eyes clashed and he saw reflected in those limpid brown eyes a gamut of emotions—panic, bewilderment and a flash of gut-wrenching hurt. But they were gone in the blink of her eye.

She wrenched herself away from him, as if scalded by his touch.

“Goddamn it,” she cursed between pants. “Of all the people to run into, it had to be you!”

Kabir often wondered what it would be like to run into her again. Would she smile politely at him? Or perhaps, ignore him? He should have known that with Qiara it would be nothing short of dramatic.

His mouth twitched in a bitter smirk. “Happy to oblige. Why on earth are you running as if the devil is behind you?”

She gulped nervously. Ranveer’s killer was probably creeping up on them, ready to attack.

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind, than a whiff of hot breeze skimmed her cheek. Something shot through the space between them and a metallic thunk ricocheted in her befuddled brain. She swung around to find a neat hole punched into the body of the car behind her.

“Oh my God!”

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