First Kiss - No Escape from Love

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Mohini's giggles turned into helpless laughter. She doubled up and clutched her sides.

Aalok grinned in affinity, got up off the grass, and joined her on the garden swing. The swing lurched as she continued to laugh. He prided himself on being moderately sarcastic, but his comments hadn't been that funny. She was definitely halfway to hysteria.

'Enough,' he said, reaching out to clasp her shoulders. To his dismay, though Mohini sobered up immediately, a perfectly formed, globular teardrop sneaked out of the corner of one eye and traced a lazy path down her cheek. She hiccuped, the sad little sound making its way right into his heart, and he groaned. Prompted by a million emotions, none of which made any sense, he pulled her closer and kissed the delicately fluttering eyelashes.

He tasted the tears that hovered, and the saltiness of her anguish was his undoing. His lips followed the teardrop that had escaped - it was almost at the corner of her mouth now, and he kissed it away. Since he was in the neighborhood, it made perfect sense for him to capture the softness of her lips in his.

Her mouth trembled against his and he offered solace by doing nothing more than pressing gentle kisses against it. His hands were still on her shoulders, holding her close, while hers seemed to be creeping up his chest.

One more kiss before he pulled away. One last nibble at the delectable softness, and then he'd .... except that Mohini’s lips parted just then and he got the distinct impression of a tongue entering the fray. Taken by surprise, he made to move, just an inch so as to be able to see her face - but he wasn't allowed to. A soft but determined hand had entangled itself in the hair at the back of his head, and there was no ignoring its resolute command.

Will the demons from their past tear them apart?

After personal tragedy strikes, Mohini Kapoor runs away from the city to her grandparents home in a village in Punjab. Though she manages to pick up the pieces of her broken self, and even builds a life for herself, the horror of her experience is difficult to forget. She buries it deep down inside her subconscious mind until the arrival of a stranger threatens to resurrect the old demons.

Reputed photojournalist, Aalok Ahuja, has to hide out for a few days to escape circumstances beyond his control. When his friend recommends Tejopur, a remote village in Punjab, Aalok expects life to be simple there and, perhaps, even boring - instead, his world is thrown into chaos by a woman more desirable, and vastly more complicated, than any he has ever known.

When their destinies collide, attraction flares, but secrets threaten their new found feelings.


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